For Flowood-based artist Justin Mayfield, Cups was a turning point in his career. While showing at the Fondren cafe, he discovered the work of other artists in his area and was inspired to deepen his connection to the community around him.

“I’m now getting more invested and involved in the community,” he said, “and that’s really because of Cups. It offers a really integrated way of getting artists and the community to work together.”

Justin photo

Pictured above: Justin sits next to a display of his ceramics.

Today, Justin spends his time between digital drawing, ceramics, and photography. And while each medium has its own creative process, Justin says critique is one of the best ways for him to improve across the board.

“Having a space with people that you regularly interact with is a lot more conducive to an artist’s success,” he said. “I like that community aspect and that close culture at Cups. You can get feedback and see how it makes people feel. I’ll see people that tell me they use my cups every day and it’s great.” 

Justin credits Cups for new artistic connections–some of which have grown into thriving friendships.

“I get introduced to a lot of different people here,” he said. “I met two guys last week that I now hang out with. I also met a guy who works as an audio engineer and cinematographer that is now in my network. We often collaborate and work on projects together. Cups really brings creative minds together.”

Painting photo

Pictured above: Landscape painting in progress.

To any local artists wanting to have their art displayed at Cups, Justin had this advice to share:

“If you’re looking to put your work on display at Cups, know what you’re selling, know your market, and reach out and talk to some of the managers. Find a clear space that’s visible and have a display that’s inviting. Price accordingly and don’t stop at Cups. Go to markets, go to comic con, go to local events. Get involved in your community.” 

Be sure to stop by Cups in Fondren or Cups in the Quarter to see what new items of his are available!