For many Cups customers, Christmas season starts as soon as Frosty’s Favorite flavored coffee hits the shelves. For those customers, the holidays start on Monday, October 31

The fan-favorite coffee combines flavors of white chocolate and cinnamon and accounts for over one-third (36%) of Cups online sales revenue during the two months it’s available for purchase. Last year, Cups sold over 2,379 pounds of the coffee, with customers purchasing the brew both in-store and online. 

Cups is a Mississippi-based franchise, and while there is a large fan base in Mississippi, coffee lovers from across the country order Frosty’s Favorite. Fans of Frosty’s live in Arizona, Illinois, California, and Montana and are sure to order the brew each season. 

On social media, Frosty’s fans across the nation share their excitement over the seasonal brew with the hashtag #frostysfavorite

“Look what’s brewing today all the way in Southern WV! Frosty is my favorite holiday blend,” wrote one customer, posting a photo of Cups’ signature red holiday mug positioned under a coffee maker, and a bag of Frosty’s Favorite in the frame. 

And among dozens of posts touting the coffee’s delicious flavor, there are also customers who share how their families have incorporated the brew into their holiday traditions. 

“A holiday tradition!” shared one customer on their story, posting a picture of a bag of Frosty’s next to a foamy latte decorated with pieces of peppermint over the top. 

Frosty’s Favorite, along with other seasonal flavors like Christmas Snow and Butterscotch Blitzen, will be available for purchase in-store and online until December 26


About Cups Espresso Cafe: Founded in 1993, Cups Espresso Cafe has served communities across the state with quality coffee sourced from around the globe but roasted in Mississippi. With 11 locations across the state, each cafe offers a welcoming environment and a place for coffee lovers to create and be inspired. Learn more by visiting: