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Kenya Barichu

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Watermelon, and Lemon

Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society grows their coffee in the Nyeri District. The coop consists of 950 small scale coffee farmers who produce three hundred tonnes of coffee cherry in the Southern part of Mt. Kenya. We're excited to share their Karindundu crop with you this winter. Mild citurs flavors and an almost juicy quality set this micro-lot apart from our regular coffee selection. 

Variety: SL 34 and SL 28

Growing Region: Nyeri District

Process: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised African Beds


Sumatra Lintong

Tasting Notes: Sweet Tobacco, Clean and Smoky 

Our Lintong coffee originates in the Lintongnihuta region of Sumatra, a high plateau that rises from one of the deepest lakes in the world. This coffee is processed with the traditional Sumatran method Giling Basah to create a spelendid and unique cup.

Variety: Ateng/Bergendal

Growing Region: Lake Toba Region, Northwest Sumatra

Process: Giling Basah (wet-hulled), Sundried


Costa Rica Tarrazu

Tasting Notes: Mellow Almond, Granny Smith Apple, Harmony

A perennial favorite out of Costa Rica's Tarrazu Region. The Don Roberto Estate grows coffee that is balanced, rich, and aromatic year after year. We invite you to taste the harmony at home.

Variety: Caturra and Catuai

Growing Region: Tarrazu

Process: Washed, Drum Drying


Guatemala Oriflama

Tasting Notes: Tangy with flavors of black tea and sweet grass

We look forward to new crops from Oriflama each year! An easy cup to drink as well as intriguing. As a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm, they create great coffee while being good to the environment and good to their employees. 


Growing Region: San Marcos

Process: Wet process and Sundried


Brazil Fazenda da Lagoa

Tasting Notes:Lime, Dry roasted almond & A clean finish

The sustainable varieties and natural milling process of the Fazenda de Lagoa translates into a clean finish for both your morning coffee and the Earth. 

Varietal: Mundo Novo, Catuai, Cauacai, Acaya

Growing Region: Sul de Minas

Process: Natural



Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Tasting Notes: Almond, Tremendous, and Citrus

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe comes from the coffee plant's homeland and with these heirloom varietals you get to taste hundreds of years of history in your cup. 

Variety: Heirloom Varietals

Growing Region: Yirgacheffe

Process: Washed & Sundried 


Mexico Turquesa

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, Apple, Gentleness

Turquesa, which refers to the turquoise blue sky above the farm, is as reliable as the sky is blue. 

Growing Region: Chiapas

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica and Catuai

Process: Fully Washed, Patio Dried


Colombia Supremo

Tasting Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Earthy, Kale

Supremo is the highest grading possible the country of Colombia gives its well-loved coffees. We continually keep this varietal in because of it's satisfying mellow aroma and deep body.

Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Process: Washed




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Breakfast High Five Blend

Toasted Almond, Dried Raspberry, Cocoa


Turkish Roast

Tasting Notes: Spicey, Mellow, Complexity

Despite being one of our darkest roasts, this sultry coffee remains smooth and comforting.

Origins: Colombia, Mexico, Sumatra


French Roast

Tasting Notes:Smoky, Citron, Intense

Named after its roast profile, this coffee is classically intense and plays well with cream and sugar and berets.  

Origins: Colombia and Sumatra


Espresso Blend

Tasting Notes:Cocoa, Nougat, Velvet

We love espresso so much its our middle name. Classically proportioned from beans around the world, this blend is the basis for all of our cafe espresso drinks. 

Origins: Africa, Indonesia, The Americas


Captain Gabriel’s Blend

Tasting Notes:Blueberry, Dreams, Cocoa

Enjoy this balanced, complex blend takes its name from the 18th Century French captain responsible for first introducing the coffee plant to the Americas. Pour a cup in tribute and and enjoy the nuance of history. 

Origins: Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala




After Hours Blend

Tasting Notes:Citrus, Pipe tobacco, Deep

A smooth, light dark roast, perfect to help you relax after work. Though, plenty of us prefer to start our day with it too! 

Origins: Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Sumatra




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Chocolate Hazelnut


White Russian


Southern Pecan



A CUPS favorite. This fantastic flavor is a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon. For those of you who are snickerdoodle cookie fans...this one is a must!


Creme Brulee’

A caramel-custard flavor with a hint of rum flavor.


Blueberry Cinnamon

A surprising favorite among flavor drinkers. A light blueberry top note with a wonderful cinnamon underneath.



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Snickerdoodle Decaf


French Roast Decaf

Our darkest roast decaf, you may notice it is slightly darker than regular French Roast.


Colombia Supremo Decaf