Cups Originals

Espresso Specialties 


Ghirardelli™ chocolate combined with our espresso and textured milk (dark or white chocolate).

Capitol Street Latte
Caramel combined with our espresso and textured milk. 

Blondie Latte
Caramel and white Ghirardelli™ chocolate combined with our espresso and textured milk.

Brunette Latte
Caramel, hazelnut, and Ghirardelli™ dark chocolate combined with espresso and textured milk. 


Drip coffee
Fresh from our roastery,we have daily options of medium roasted, darker roasted, signature flavored, or decaf coffees.

Shot in the Dark
Add a shot of espresso to today’s dark roast coffee.

Café Au Lait
Made with one of our freshly brewed coffees and steamed milk.

Iced Coffee
French Roast coffee toddy-brewed for 24 hours then mixed with your choice of milk or water or staight up.

Our Brews

We source coffees from our favorite regions and farms around the world.
Some of our current offerings include Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Fazenda da Lagoa, Guatemala Oriflama, Sumatra Mandheling and Don Roberto Estate Costa Rica Tarrazu.

We select and blend each coffee for the perfect balance in your cup.
After Hours Blend, Captain Gabriel’s Blend, Espresso Blend, French Roast, and Turkish Blend. We also offer special limited blends created for the season.

For those who love some Cups Signature Flavors, we offer regularly
Blueberry Cinnamon, Crème Brulee, Snickerdoodle, Southern Pecan, White Russian, and Hazelnut.

We use 100% Chemical Free Swiss Water Process for our decaf selection
Colombian, French Roast, and Snickerdoodle

Check out our Store for limited time offerings!


A special blend of coffees developed by our roaster, brewed under high pressure in order to extract the best flavors.

Café Americano
Espresso diluted with hot water to the strength of “American” coffee.

Café Latte
Espresso with steamed milk and a thin layer of froth.

Cafe Breve
Espresso with steamed half & half and a thin layer of froth.

Espresso with half froth and half steamed milk.

Espresso Granita
Our house espresso, milk, and sugar combined and frozen.

Modern Traditional Espresso

all prepared with a double shot & served to enjoy in our cafe

Espresso tumbled with ice cubes.  

Equal amounts of espresso and milk with a touch of froth.

6 oz Cappucino
equal parts espresso, textured milk, and froth. served lovely



Loose-leaf Teas

Our selection includes, but is never limited to: 
Keemun, Earl Grey, Strawberry Kiwi, Cinnamon Orange, Dragon Well, Cha Cha Chai, Chamomile, Berry Blueberry, and Ruby Sipper. 

Iced Tea
Any of the above teas may be iced fro your drinking enjoyment. 

London Fog
Whole leaf Earl Grey tea steeped in steamed milk with all- natural Vanilla Monin™ Syrup.
(psst...we also have seasonal fog offerings.)

Chai Latte
Tea with honey, cinnamon, and other spices blended with steamed milk.


Frozen blended drink made with your choice of milk or espresso available in Mocha (dark or white), Blondie, Brunette, or caramel flavors. 

And here are a few drinks without coffee....

Hot Chocolate
ark or white Ghirardelli™ chocolate combined with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream.

An old-fashioned soda made with your choice of all-natural Monin™ syrup. 

Italian Cream Soda
An old-fashioned soda made with your choice of all-natural Monin™ syrup and a splash of half & half, topped with whipped cream. 

Fruit + Yogurt Smoothie
Only real fruit and lowfat yogurt go in our smoothie. Choose from Four Berry, Peach Pear Apricot, or Orange Tangerine. Can also be made with soy.

We love to tailor-make your drink to you. Just tell us just how you like it!