Are you wanting to give your customers something other than boring, store bought coffee?

We can help with that.

Anyone can go to the big box store and buy coffee in bulk.

But you’re different.

You want to serve your guests high quality, specialty grade coffee.

Our wholesale program was created to allow us to partner with other organizations in a relationship that is equally beneficial for both parties.

Globally Sourced. Mississippi Roasted.

We source our coffee from all around the world before roasting it right here in Mississippi.

Then we ship it directly do you.

It’s that easy.

By partnering with Cups Roasters, you get great coffee with absolutely no hassle.

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping organizations elevate their guest experience.


If you’re looking to elevate the coffee you offer guests, we can supply you with just what you need.

Coffee Shops*

We know not every coffee shop can roast their own beans. We can help you get off the ground.


Our specialty blends work perfect for the church cafe to help you welcome people to your faith community.

*Only available to shops outside current Cups Espresso Cafe markets.

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