Meet our Quarter Cups Cafe Manager

Meet the Manager: Megan Ward, The Quarter


In my many years of being a customer at Cups before scoring a job here, part of what really attracted me was the staff. Everyone seemed to genuinely have a love for coffee and community. You might have noticed that many of our blogs were written by Austin Moore, the manager at Cups in The Quarter. He is a true coffee connoisseur and was an exemplary manager for our beloved coffee shop - yes, I said, “was”. Austin was blessed with a terrific new job opportunity, and so the manager position was passed on. Our new manager is none other than Megan Ward, whom I had the great pleasure of interviewing.

From Sharpsburg, Georgia, Meg came to the Jackson area to pursue an art degree at Mississippi College. After moving home for a short time, she returned to Jackson and began working as a barista for Cups in November of 2015. “I really began to value coffee shops while I was home,” Meg said. “I realized how important it was to have a place you could go and read or just relax and have some coffee.” For Meg, Cups embodied that type of environment, and her love for the shop only grew as time went on. She knew it was a company she would want to remain involved with, and so applying for and accepting the manager position was almost a no-brainer. “Plus, I’m naturally bossy,” she jokes.


If you have visited us in The Quarter, you have more than likely met Meg and noticed how personable and relatable she is. Her favorite drinks are iced lattes and the holiday goodie (coming back soon, to her delight), Frosty’s Favorite. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her cats, working on art, and hanging out with her best friend and predecessor, Austin Moore. Woodcarvings are big for her right now, but she also loves painting and other artforms. Her creativity in her art transitions well into her job, as she is always thinking about and working toward maximizing the happiness of customers. When asked about her favorite aspect of Cups, Meg said, “The people. I love the employees and the customers. The customer-employee relationships are really special here.” She truly desires for everyone to walk into Cups and feel at home.

Meg encourages everyone, employee and customer alike, to be themselves and to be passionate about what they love. This has made her an already noticeably motivational, inspirational, and efficient manager. Cups is fortunate to have her on the team, and I hope you’re excited about what wonders she’ll bring to the store. I know I am!

Elyssa Lambert
The Quarter