Creative Space in the Community

One of my favorite aspects of this company is its dedication to supporting local arts. Since the beginning of Cups over 20 years ago, up-and-coming artists have had a place to display and sell their work. Have you ever noticed the awesome tables at our Fondren and Clinton locations? Those were painted long ago by local artists, and they remain an important part of the Cups experience for many of our customers. I personally wrote numerous college papers sitting at a table in Clinton that was decorated with a large rubber duck. And if you haven't seen the bathroom mural in Clinton, you're missing out on a very interesting artistic experience.

Our collective support for local art isn't limited to old-school cafe decor. In our company stores, we arrange for local artists to display their works and sell them without charging commission. This allows younger artists to receive much needed exposure while also giving them a chance to make some money from their work. You may have noticed that the art on the walls changes every few months. Throughout the year you'll find large oil paintings, travel photography, or intricate wood-cut prints. Take a look around next time you drop by for a cup of coffee. If you see something you like, feel free to ask about it. Chances are we can get you some contact information so that you can take home a great piece of art! 

Many of our stores also host and participate in events that allow other artists to show off a bit. Fondren and Clinton host musicians throughout the year. The back room at The Quarter is a great place for filmmakers to debut their newest work. In addition to hosting events, you may see us serving coffee around town at the Mississippi Museum of Art, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra concerts at Thalia Mara Hall, or craft shows like Chimneyville and Handworks.

Long story short, we firmly believe that there should be a strong link between local coffee and local art. We as a company strive to be passionate and creative with our products and branding, and we take inspiration from others in our community who are creating as well. In return, we want to provide a place for other creators to show their work. If you or someone you know would like more information about featuring your work in our stores, talk to one of our store managers. We'll be happy to try to set something up. 

Austin Moore
Cups Quarter Cafe