Chai Tea at Cups

If you've recently ordered a Chai Latte at your friendly neighborhood Cups Cafe, you may have noticed that we've made some changes. So what's the difference? Why did we make these changes? What is Chai anyway? Let's answer these questions in reverse.

In the United States, "chai" usually refers to a spiced black tea. This can be a looseleaf tea flavored with spices such as ground ginger, cardamom, and clove, or a concentrated liquid tea base that is sweetened and spiced. The idea comes from a traditional Indian tea preparation method, and it has been adjusted to suit American tastes. Cups is happy to offer both the looseleaf option and the sweeter, creamier option.

A hot Chai Latte is made by mixing the chai concentrate with milk and then steaming the mixture to make it hot and add a creamy texture. Because the base is made with black tea, it will already contain some caffeine, but many people love to add a shot (or two) of espresso for a little extra kick. Here at Cups, we call that a dirty chai latte.

If you're already feeling the heat, you can ask for an Iced Chai Latte. It's the same thing, but we tumble the chai/milk mixture with ice instead of steaming it. Add a shot of espresso or our espresso ice cubes (they're just as awesome as they sound), and you've got a slightly sweet, slightly spicy, totally refreshing summer beverage.

Wanting to go even colder? Ask for a Dirty Chai Frappe. You get the coffee kick of the espresso, the spicy sweetness of the chai, and the chill of a frozen drink. This should be one of your go-to weapons in the war against summer heat.
Those of you who have been drinking Chai for a while now will know that we have recently improved our offering. The concentrate we were using was great, but many customers were asking for something bolder and spicier. Enter The Chai Company. Their chai concentrate is bolder and spicier, including cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and ginger. As a company, they are committed to high standards, and they use fair trade, organic ingredients. 

We hope that you enjoy the changes we've made. The new chai concentrate tastes great, and it comes from a company that is good to its people and the environment. It's basically a win-win situation. Throw in some espresso ice cubes on a hot Mississippi summer day, and we'll call it a win-win-win situation. 
See you soon! 

Austin Moore
Cups in the Quarter