It’s hot, ya’ll!

Hot weather is officially here. And in Mississippi, hot weather means unbearable, disgustingly hot weather. Most of us would rather not go outside after about seven o'clock in the morning. 

So what is a coffee drinker to do? Do we just switch to Coke for the summer and start drinking hot coffee again when the cooler weather comes back (let's shoot for late November)? Luckily, there are other options.

For the coffee purist, there's always the Iced Americano: a couple shots of espresso tumbled over ice and cut with a bit of cold water. It's cold and refreshing with a kick. 
Not a big fan of espresso? Those who go for filtered coffee can check out our cold brew options. We use a 24 hour cold brew method, and the result is a crisp, smooth cup of iced coffee. You now have the option of the darker, bolder French Roast or the lighter Mexico Turquesa (at some Cups cafes). Have it cut with milk or drink it black.

More of a latte person? Have your favorite latte made iced or frozen! Iced lattes are a great way to get a sweet, creamy espresso beverage that doesn't make you break a sweat. Pro tip: ask your barista for espresso ice cubes. They chill your drink and make it stronger as they melt. We call this a win-win situation. 

If you want to be really adventurous, try an iced tea. This isn't your grandmother's southern style sweet tea (though I'm sure it's awesome as well). Try some iced blueberry tea sweetened with vanilla. Sip on some iced fiji green tea while you daydream about the beach. Personally, I go for iced earl grey with some vanilla. Ask your barista for suggestions!

As you can see, you've got plenty of options to help you keep cool this summer. There's the Oreo Frappe, Chai Frappe (now with richer, bolder taste), Espresso Granita, and Iced Blondie just to name a few. So don't quit coming to see us just because the temps are rising! We can help cool you down.

Oh, and for those who do want to give up and just drink a cold Coke, we've got those as well. See you soon!

Austin Moore
Cups in the Quarter