ELYSHA ROUSH: BARISTA BY DAY, ILLUSTRATOR BY NIGHT Elysha Roush was a Cups fan long before she was a Cups employee. Thanks to her personable demeanor and her…read more

Misty Valley Ethiopia: First Micro-lot of the Year Make no mistake, Cups is indeed “An Espresso Cafe.” For many customers and baristas alike, there’s never a bad time…read more

Introducing our Yemen Matari Micro-lot When you drink a cup of coffee, you become the last participant in a long process. For us in Mississippi,…read more

Meet our Quarter Cups Cafe Manager Meet the Manager: Megan Ward, The Quarter                          …read more

Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar: A Story of Delightful Mutations There are many aspects of my job that I find enjoyable, but my favorite by far is the fact that…read more

Creative Space in the Community One of my favorite aspects of this company is its dedication to supporting local arts. Since the beginning of Cups…read more

Un poco de Paso Corto                                   If you've been to…read more

Sumatra Lintong If you've been keeping up with our blog this summer, you've learned a little bit about the origins of coffee.…read more

Chai Tea at Cups If you've recently ordered a Chai Latte at your friendly neighborhood Cups Cafe, you may have noticed that we've made…read more

Coffee or Espresso? What IS the Difference Between Espresso and Drip Coffee? Have you ever been asked the question, by your wonderful, smiling…read more

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